Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bad Bosses

Now's the time to enter the worst boss ever contest. I think the workers whose boss murdered them rather than grant their requested pay raises will win. They just won't be around to collect the prize.

I'd like to see some people I know enter. Me, my current boss is ok so no complaints. But a long time ago, I watched my boss punch his teen-aged daughter in the face. That was delightful. Afterward, he offered to give me a ride home. Yikes! I called my brother to pick me up stat.

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Blogger Spleengrrl quipped...

Uhhh....I never saw anything THAT unholy but I found out something terrible about a former boss recently. I can't disclose here, though. Don't want to get sued. But my bosses have always been pretty good to me, including current ones. But I'm still leaving because of some co-workers. There should be a contest for worst co-workers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 12:32:00 PM  
Blogger Dirty Dan Sin quipped...

hmm, i am the boss. boss at my last place sent cheesy softcore porn to the whole corporation one night. on purpose. genius.

i had a boss in loss prevention at tower records (a million years ago, obviously)that was a straight up thief. all his friends were cops. gross.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 12:44:00 PM  
Blogger hostile17 quipped...

wasn't Boss Hog a terrible boss?
He would beat up his deputies when they got duped by them "good old boys" the Dukes, which was pretty much every week.

Thursday, August 02, 2007 8:58:00 AM  
Blogger RV3 quipped...

I have been blessed with good bosses for the most part, but like Spleengrrrl I have had my share of co-workers from hell!

Thursday, August 02, 2007 10:22:00 AM  
Blogger hostile17 quipped...

By the way, this is off topic so RV3 will hate me, but do you think you could change your blogroll to list my blog as Back to Sunnydale? I've only had 3 blogs

Thursday, August 02, 2007 10:46:00 AM  

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