Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Funny Ad

The Burger King ads with the creepy King dude are funny. Check this one out!

There are other ads that perhaps should not be so funny. For example, I got a comment on my last post about a single and looking ad (profile in on-line dating site to be precise). She says that her most wry description, "Self-Loathing Intellectual Seeks Sparring Partner," resulted in a match that ultimately did not work out so well. Another friend says she's recently listed quality film makers she likes -- Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, and Michel Gondry. I love Michel Gondry. I would totally ask her out if I came upon her profile. Elias says he'd go for someone who proclaimed admiration for Charlie Kaufman. Truth be told, neither of us has ever done this type of thing, so I'm just speculating here. That said, other interests that would attract either one of us, and that you might want to mention, include bridge and singing or playing an instrument.

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