Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring

This morning instead of walking my dogs, I planted my garden: sweet peas, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, lemon cucumber, and a few other things. I'll post photos of the developments soon enough. Right now, it pretty much looks like dirt with dog barriers. Nevertheless, I'm pretty psyched and grateful to Brother Ed for building beds for my birthday.

Meanwhile, Elias (who has been recognized as an Outstanding GSI at University of California Berkeley by the way) has been tuning into political news and election coverage around the clock. He suggested I direct your attention to some alternative clips of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We like him and won't renounce or reject him for saying G-D America. We agree with him.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's March and it's 2008!

I had a birthday the other day. Thanks to all my family and friends for the nice thoughts, cards, gifts, etc.

I plan to celebrate with friends over a tasteful brunch. Not too late; not too much drinking.

In contrast, I have a hard partying, youthful, work cohort, and they wear me out! While attending a conference this weekend, I stayed up until 12:30 a.m.! To me, it felt so late. They all stayed up/out much later. They were only a little bit sorrier than I was when we had to present at 3 workshop sessions the next day.

To give you a sense of the dancing we did, check out: