Sunday, September 25, 2005

Eli's So Cute

As cute as I am, I lost a call-waiting face-off to one of Eli's classmates. They were discussing a Greek word, spelled O-U, I think. It's accented for and pronounced with rough breathing. They had the darndest time with with word since it's really rare and a generative indirect reflexive pronoun in the singular. They had to be sure about it, and I had to wait for a call back.

Still, he's cute.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

More Hating

I hate sentences and sentiments that begin with the words, "rather than relying on government handouts ... ."

Especially when the words come out the mouths of people who got lots of parental handouts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Netflix Endorsement # 2000

The Movie, Time Bandits. Need I say more?

Ok, maybe you're like me and you haven't seen the move for 20 years. Or you haven't seen the movie 20 times for 20 years.

I love TIME BANDITS for:

-- The 80s synthesizer opening music (scary and fun!) and closing credits music.

-- The memorable and best lines including:

"Just keep quiet and you won't get hurt." -- Some dwarf.
"Who ever thought of anybody ever starting anything on one?" -- another dwarf.

"That's what I like -- little things hitting each other." -- Napoleon.
"I'm going to have some new generals for a bit." -- Napoleon again.

"They took all his shit!" -- My roommate.

"Good lord! Jolly good. Four foot one? Well that, that, that is is a long time, isn't it? " -- Robin Hood. He also said, "The poor are going to be absolutely thrilled... . of course they haven't got two pennies to rub together."

-- For being the last movie in which Sean Connery looked good.

-- Also, I loved it when the Evil Genius fought the cowboys as a deadly carousel. He spun, sputtered pipe music, and held a dagger.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Photos

Look at my girl! She was the cutest part of our day trip to Point Reyes.

These guys are the opposite of cute, but I love them quite a bit nonetheless. [If you can't tell from my sucky snapshot, they're turkey vultures.]

Friday, September 16, 2005

More Entertainment

Anna and I went to the Decemberists show the other night, and I have a number of complaints and observations.

The show was in Hollywood, and as you all know I hate being on the west side (west of Western). There are too many drivers who are drunk or on cocaine.

Also, I'm too old to go see bands that are supposed to start at 9:00 and don't come on until 10:30 because their violinists want to bring their girl choirs on to sing a capella songs. After the opening band already played! Two songs would have been fine, but they sang almost as long as the Decemberists performed.

On the bright side, Anna and I were inspired. We want to sing our own madrigal sounding music. We're going to start an a capella singing group. But, we will never use our talents and gifts for evil. We will never make you listen to us in a way that causes delay for your enjoyment of a band for which you paid $30 to see. Never.

Anna was checking out the male attendees (with my help). She insisted that most of them were 17 years or younger. The number of blue drinker wristbands proved her wrong. Maybe 25 % were not old enough to drink legally. Or maybe they didn't want to. There was way too much sloppiness with regard to appearance. The most attractive man there was the bald guy from the Pogues who joined the band for a couple of songs.

On the whole, it was a fun night. I really liked the Decemberists performance. Of course I missed SYTYCD. Thankfully, there's a website with recaps.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


If your name is Ed, Elias, or Martina, you need to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. You will enjoy it. Plus, Jane Lynch is in it.

Also, I need someone to record So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday because Anna and I are going to the Decemberists show. I don't know how to program the v.c.r.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Monday

Why is today Monday? Why do I have to go to work again? I wish I were a housewife and able to watch Martha's new show today.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another Weekend Photo

The wedding was so awesome. I want to have one some day. So does Eli's special mom. Here's a photo of Eli and his mama. Very special friends will be invited to view all the photos (minus the many with red eye) once I learn how to post them in one of those share files. Any suggestions?

Weekend Photos

The Washington State Ferry System is really something. Here a couple of photos from 2 different rides I took last weekend.

The guy on the left told me his favorite redneck joke. For those unfamiliar with the NFL, the two men are dressed in Seahawks colors.

This one speaks for itself.

I didn't get a photo, but I saw a license plate frame that poses the question, "When the rapture comes, can I have your car?" Good stuff.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Labor Day Weekend

I'm off for some days in the NW. Eli's brother is getting married! I'm looking forward to the wedding and to seeing some old friends. Also, the cooler weather is going to hit the spot.

Pac'a's going to doggy camp. I always miss her when we separate. She doesn't think twice about hopping in the van of near strangers and heading out to dog ranch.

Enough about me and my girl. Remember to take a moment in the next few days to reflect on the state of the labor movement. I wonder how Change to Win is doing? O.K., back to the bbq, Burning Man if you're name is York, Bumbershoot and whatnot.

SYTYCD links

Xui's done with the show.

Too bad. In the future go here. Artem's paso doble is my newest bookmark.